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Why is Leave Management Important?

Leave management can have an costly impact on daily operations, but employees are humans, and they may require extended time away from work.

The need for employees to take a leave of absence can occur for a variety of reasons, including things like illness, injury, disability, bereavement, military or jury duty, maternity or paternity leave, child / elder care, or labor disputes to name a few. 

The good news? The better leave policies and employee leave benefits are managed, the lesser the impact on productivity and labor costs.  

Leave of Absence Labor Laws and Compliance

Without accurate leave management and consistent leave and absence policy enforcement, employers are at risk of noncompliance with leave regulations and potentially subject to fines or class action lawsuits.

These federal and state regulations, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), California Family Rights Act, and Parental Disability and Leave Act, as well as internal company policies determine what employers are required to provide to their employees and what conditions an employee must meet to be eligible for leave of absence benefits.

Leave Management Solution

Leave management solutions track paid and unpaid federal, state, and employer-specific policies for employee absence. However, these solutions should be a tightly integrated application or module within a more wholistic platform for human capital management. 

Leave administration and management software should be configurable to match the needs of an organization's policies and compliance requirements. Automating leave management helps system and human resources administrators keep direct and indirect absence costs under control while reducing the potential for errors and risk of non-compliance from manual, inefficient processes.   

Leave management solution features should provide organizations with the ability to:

  • Access and manage leave policies
  • Define leave eligibility
  • Streamline leave request and approval processes
  • Maintain time off balances
  • View and manage employee absence and leave cases 
  • Track and audit historic leave cases and requests 
  • Configure leave workflows, notifications, and reports

At a minimum, a decent leave management solution will at least have a seamless integration with time and attendance software or open APIs to create your own integrations..  

Leave Management Solution Benefits

Key benefits companies typically experience from using a leave management solution should include:

  • Automated and accurate tracking of leave eligibility, type, and duration based on individual employee case data.
  • Configurable leave profiles that provide available categories, entitlement time, rules, and workflows for the request/approval process.
  • Employee self-service leave request that simplifies and automates leave case creation.
  • Time entries and pay rules for leave cases integrated with employee timesheets and schedules.

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