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Why is Human Resources Important? 

Human resources, or HR for short, is an organization's focus on its most important asset, its people. However, in small, medium, and large employers alike, this can oftentimes revolve around paperwork and processes throughout the employee lifecycle instead of the people themselves.

HR employees or a human resources department help manage the end-to-end employee lifecycle from pre-hire to retirement and everything in between. 

Core Human Resources Functions

Core HR starts before the employee lifecycle even begins by creating job requisitions or descriptions and attracting talent across an organization's open jobs and developing an employer brand with existing team members. The HR department or function is typically responsible for direct recruiting efforts including sourcing, evaluating, and tracking best-fit candidates and applicants or managing third-party recruiters.

As new hire decisions are made and offer letters are signed and employee handbooks come into play, so too does the employee onboarding process and the creation of the employee record, benefits enrollment, payroll setup, asset assignments, and training and certifications. 

HR doesn't stop there, it expands into ongoing employee performance and reviews, employee management, employee engagement, compensation management, benefits administration, incident tracking, leave management, straight on through the employee lifecycle to the exit interview and COBRA.  

All these different responsibilities are intended to retain a happy and high-performing workforce and workplace, but there must be a core focus on HR compliance. Throughout the employee lifecycle, at every step, complying with federal, state, and local labor laws and legislation should be an employer's top priority. 

Human Resources Software

Human resources software and solutions streamline the management of HR processes and documentation. The best HR software, which oftentimes for small to mid-sized businesses is a single database platform or cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) HR solution, which allows for the management of employee information in a single employee record. This should eliminate mountains of paperwork, manual data entry, or re-entry of data throughout multiple systems for payroll or other core back-office functions.

If not a single platform or tightly integrated suite of applications, open APIs and standard integrations should be available, which will allow for up-to-date employee information with real-time reporting and dashboards. 

Automation should be available throughout the employee lifecycle with workflows, configurable checklists, and standard processes & policies that help reduce administrative workload and minimize compliance risk.

HR Software Features

An HR software solution should have features that streamline HR operations, allow for self-service while eliminating error-prone, manual tasks to allow companies to focus less on administration and more on HR strategy that allows them to manage, grow, and retain their employees. 

Here are some key features you should find in any cloud-based HR software:

Talent Acquisition

  • Job Requisitions
  • Job Board Integration
  • Digital Application Process 
  • Candidate-Self Service 
  • Resume Parsing
  • Pre-screening Capabilities 
  • Applicant Tracking and Notifications
  • Configurable Candidate and Interview Stages
  • Background Checks

Employee Onboarding

  • New Hire Checklists and Workflows
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Custom HR Forms Creation 
  • Employee Handbook Maintenance
  • Digital Document Signing
  • HR Document Storage
  • I-9 Compliance or E-Verify Integration
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Asset Allocation
  • W-4 Elections and Approvals
  • Employee Benefits Selection
  • An integrated employee record that starts with talent acquisition
  • Talent management: compensation, training, attendance, asset and performance management
  • ACA management and other compliance reporting 
  • Employee self-service with access to benefits, payroll data, timekeeping, and more  

HR Software Benefits

Reducing the administrative burden while streamlining your HR data and functions. Centralize your HR functions and get configurable dashboards and reports that provide real-time access to accurate, consistent data, visibility, and insight needed to drive better decision-making.

Key benefits of cloud-based HR software:

  • Monitor goal status in real-time helps align the organization for success
  • Automates core HR functions and store all employee records in a single, common database
  • Make benefits administration easy: set up, configure, modify, and manage multiple benefit plan types — quickly and easily
  • Integrates HR, time and attendance, payroll, scheduling, and more on a centralized platform with a single, consistent source of employee data

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