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Explore how you can put labor law poster compliance on auto-pilot for your workplace.

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Is Your Business Posting Mandatory Labor Law Updates As They Happen?

Our flexible solution will help meet your compliance needs.


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Poster Subscription Service

Start with a FREE state & federal labor law poster.
Receive all federal, state, county & city labor law updates.
Receive annual labor law posters automatically.
Service backed by a $25,000 We-Pay-The-Fine Guarantee (learn more).

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How Does The Labor Law Poster Subscription Service Work?

Poster Subscription Service

FREE Poster with Activation!
All In One State & Federal Labor
Law Poster

All State and Federal Postings
Attorney Approved Content
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Shipping Included

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When a change occurs, we alert you with a call and email you the updated posting.


Print the updated posting.


Display the updated posting next to your labor law poster.


Receive an updated All-In-One Labor Law Poster annually on the anniversary of your subscription.

$8.99 / Month
No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

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Companies across the US are using this labor law poster subscription service to help with compliance for federal and state posting requirements in the workplace.

Employers have relied on us for labor law poster compliance.


Labor Law Poster
E-Update Service

$8.99 / Month
No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Labor Law Posting Compliance

Do I need to provide Spanish labor law notices?

Up-to-date labor law notices are always required to be displayed in English. If you have Spanish-speaking employees that have trouble reading or understanding English, we also provide posters and updates in Spanish to ensure all employees have equal access to the labor law notices. 

What if my city, county, or industry has special requirements?

Local and industry-specific notices are provided as free supplemental downloads at posterupdates.com/postings. Updates to city and county labor laws are also included in the E-Update Service for physical worksites.

Do these labor law poster services include mandatory COVID-19 related updates?

If your state has updated a labor law notice (or created a new notice) with Covid-19-related information and the notice is not considered temporary, we have added the updated notice to your All in One State and Federal Labor Law Poster. Any future COVID-19-related updates that are released will be sent to you as part of your E-Update Service. Remote employees activated on the ePosterService will receive access to these notices electronically.

What are the rules for providing digital labor law posters to remote employees and physical posters for on-site employees?

If employees visit the workplace less than 3 times per month, it is acceptable to provide electronic versions of the notices. If employees frequent the workplace consistently, physical labor law postings must be visible in an unlocked, unblocked area to view.

How does my company and business location(s) receive labor law updates?

Physical business locations that are active on the E-Update Service will receive an initial All in One State & Federal Labor Law poster. After hanging your new posters, all state, federal, city and county updates applicable to your location will be emailed to you automatically as a PDF download to print and post. Every 12 months, you will receive a brand new All in One State & Federal Labor Law Poster. When you receive your annual poster, you can tear down your old poster and any updates you printed and posted throughout the year and start fresh with the new poster.

Labor Law Poster Subscription Service

What notices are included on your labor law posters?

Check out https://www.posterupdates.com/noticesbystate.html for a list of all notices included on our All in One Labor Law Posters.

Won’t the government just tell me when there is an update? Why do I need a service?

Labor Law notices are updated regularly, but the government does not proactively reach out to businesses to inform them when a new update is released. It is left up to the business owner to track when these changes occur and to make sure they have all required notices up, or to partner with a company such as PosterElite to handle labor law posting compliance for you.

How do I know what recent updates happened in my state?

A list of recent updates by state can be found here.

Do these posters cover all of my posting requirements?

The All in One State & Federal Labor Law Poster you receive covers all standard, mandatory state and federal required labor law notices. When you receive your poster, you will also receive access to supplemental city, county, and industry-specific notices available online as free downloads. Simply locate your state, and view whether your city, county or industry has additional posting requirements. If so, you will be able to download, print and post those supplemental notices.

How do I cancel the E-Update Service for my physical worksite(s)?

Log into your account to cancel your E-Update Service service at anytime. If needed, there is a Forgot Password feature.

How do I update my credit card on file for the E-Update Service for my physical worksite(s)?

Log into your account to update your credit card at anytime. If needed, there is a Forgot Password feature.

How do I use a different credit card for each of my locations?

You are able to use the same credit card to pay for multiple locations, however, if you need to use a separate credit card for each location, please create an account for each location.

Can’t I get labor law posters online for free?

The answer is no to a POSTER but yes to individual POSTINGS. You must contact each state and federal agency individually to obtain the mandatory postings (not guaranteed current). That can be as many as 12 different agencies and 26 different 8.5” x 11” postings (depending on the state). These individual printed postings create a paper “quilt” that will take up an entire wall of your office! In addition, many postings must meet certain font, size, color and/or layout requirements. Our laminated All in One State & Federal Labor Law Poster is 24” by 40”, contains all the mandatory state and federal postings, and meets required specifications.

What if I have more than one location?

Up-to-date labor law notices are required to be displayed at each worksite that employees report to. Activate a subscription for each of your locations to stay compliant today.

When will my poster ship and how do I receive tracking information?

Your initial All in One State & Federal Poster will ship out from our warehouse in San Diego, CA within approx. 7-10 business days and will arrive at your location within 2-4 weeks. To request tracking information on your order, please contact customerservice@posterelite.com.

Is there any fee outside of the $8.99 monthly cost for the E-Update Service for physical worksites?

No! The $8.99 monthly fee includes all poster shipments (initial poster shipment plus yearly shipments every 12 months), all shipping costs, all required updates to applicable state, federal and local notices, and a $25,000 Guarantee Against Fines to protect your business.

How can I tell which notices on my labor law poster apply to my business?
How can I ensure that my labor law poster is up-to-date?

What if I deleted the E-Update that was emailed to me?

No worries! If you have not downloaded the updated notice that you were emailed, it will be sent to you again. You will receive the email up to 5 times if you do not take action to download the notice in the email.

Do I get a new labor law poster every January?

After receiving your initial labor law poster, you will receive a brand new poster every 12 months as long as you are active on the service. The labor law posters are not linked to a calendar year, instead the month you sign up for the service is the month you can expect to receive your annual labor law poster.

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Electronic notices do not replace physical posting requirements in traditional worksites. An employer must still physically display posted copies of mandatory labor law notices in a location that is accessible to all employees that frequent their physical workplace.