Employer Registration By State

Starting a new business or processing payroll in a new state for the first time?

You'll need to sign up as a new employer to register with the state before physically conducting business there. Before doing so, here are some things you'll likely need to have handy: 

  • Legal Address / Mailing Address
  • Start date for your business
  • Contact information, titles, and Social Security Number(s) or SSNs for your business officers
  • A Federal Employer ID Number (FEIN) for pre-existing businesses only*

Note: If you have employees working in multiple states, you must register with each state individually.

Refer to the table below to view the business registration requirements and associated registration links for your state. Note that these can be a combined registration link or have two different requirements for unemployment and tax withholding (if required by the state). Most states provide the ability to register online right from your computer - if there is no online option, you must submit a traditional paper form.

Looking for assistance with state registrations? Here's the state registration service we use and suggest to other employers. 

New business owners may also want to consider signing up for a labor law poster subscription service, as these types of subscription services are inexpensive, save employers a lot of time on compliance, as well as provide hands-off and minimal-risk compliance management. 

State Registration Requirements

Alabama Register Combined Registration
Alaska State Has No Withholding Register
Arizona Register Combined Registration
Arkansas Register Register
California Register Combined Registration
Colorado Register Combined Registration
Connecticut Register Register
Delaware Register Combined Registration
Florida State Has No Withholding Register
Georgia Register Register
Hawaii Register Combined Registration
Idaho Register Combined Registration
Illinois Register Register
Indiana Register Register
Iowa Register Register
Kansas Register Register
Kentucky Register Register
Louisiana Register Register
Maine Register Register
Maryland Register Combined Registration
Massachusetts Register Register
Michigan Register Combined Registration
Minnesota Register Register
Mississippi Register Register
Missouri Register Combined Registration
Montana Register Register
Nebraska Register / Paper Download Register
Nevada State Has No Withholding Register
New Hampshire State Has No Withholding Paper Only: Download
New Jersey Register Combined Registration
New Mexico Register Register
New York Register Combined Registration
North Carolina Register Register
North Dakota Register Register
Ohio Register Register
Oklahoma Register Register
Oregon Register Combined Registration
Pennsylvania Register Combined Registration
Rhode Island Register Combined Registration
South Carolina Register Combined Registration
South Dakota State Has No Withholding Register
Tennessee State Has No Withholding Paper Only: Download
Texas State Has No Withholding Register
Utah Register Combined Registration
Vermont Register / Paper Download Register
Virginia Register Combined Registration
Washington State Has No Withholding Register
West Virginia Register Combined Registration
Wisconsin Register Register
Wyoming State Has No Withholding Register

*New businesses typically do not need an FEIN until after registering with the state. Once you finish your state requirements below, you can apply for an FEIN with the IRS. Apply for a FEIN here.

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