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How many times have you discussed different actions and procedures with your HR and gotten the answer that “run it by a lawyer first”? You’re sure that your business has the compliance but then you find out that because you’re missing documents, you might face a costly lawsuit. What’s the best solution then?

What’s the advantage of legal HR services?

Unlike other ask HR experts services, the HR lawyers will have a full understanding of labor laws when giving answers. This cuts out the “run it by a lawyer first” conundrum, saving time and giving clarity in a situation. HR then can proceed with the request with full legal knowledge.

HR legal advice centers are a great resource for:

  • Hiring and background checks
  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Compliance
  • Performance management
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Termination

By creating these policies and procedures, businesses can avoid expensive lawsuits from employees based on labor violations due to a lack of an employee handbook.

Legal HR Advice

Running all compliance-related questions through an attorney is a great way to avoid legal complications as your business continues to grow. One of the best ways to avoid the average $160K of defense and settlement costs from an employee lawsuit is to have a lawyer create or review compliance materials for your company. 

Many small businesses feel that keeping a law firm on retainer is pricey, so there are services to answer these legal questions without breaking the bank. By subscribing to this type of service, businesses can have their specific HR needs addressed without having to wait or worry about the lawyers’ fees.

What kind of HR compliance can these services provide?

  • Personnel policies including how to address harassment, how to create an improvement plan, and more
  • EEOC compliance
  • State regulations
  • FLSA and FMLA questions
  • Employee file retention

For these types of questions, HR legal services give precise answers on what the timeline would look like, what the legal requirements are, and much more.

Compliant Employee Handbook

HR lawyer subscription services can perform functions beyond answering legal questions. Services can include creating an employee handbook that lists company policies, which is one the best ways to prevent a future lawsuit. 

By working with an attorney, you can improve your current handbook or create a new one for all employees to refer to, creating more organization within your company. Any outstanding questions can be answered through this reference material, and it covers all federal and state regulations.

HR Compliance Made Easy

Legal subscription services provide the best answers possible without creating additional stress. Employer Pass recommends that you search our experts to find the system best suited for you and your company. 

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